Abandoned Otter Tail County-Emmanuel Evangelical Cemetery

This is another one of those places I had driven by multiple times, but never took the time to stop.  The Emmanuel Evangelical Cemetery  sits on Highway 54 in Otter Tail County, not far from Buchanan Lake.  Thanks to the internet, and a little deductive reasoning, it took me just a short time to find the name of the cemetery, and the names of the 8 people who are buried here.

The first burial took place in 1893, and the last in 1928.  That probably explains to some degree the condition of this burial plot when I visited. A number of the graves are surrounded by an old iron and wire fence, but there are a couple of graves outside it as well.  They easily could have fit all 8 inside the fence, but evidently, not everyone made the cut.

Here’s the complete list of people buried here:

Joseph Boehl  Born: 9/25/1841 Died: 4/21/1919

Maria Schultz Boehl Born: 12/3/1837 Died 10/15/1906

Arthur Kempf Born: 7/9/1885 Died: 8/15/1893

Joseph Wilhelm Morgenroth Born: 8/24/1874 Died: 8/30/1874 (only lived for 6 days)

August C F Rieman  Born: 6/19/1871 Died: 1/10/1903

Ernestine Friederika Schlievert Rieman Born: 1/5/1848 Died: 1/24/1928

Wilhelm Rieman Born: 3/11/1843 Died: 12/12/1922

Joe Schulz  Born: 10/7/1816 Died: 7/29/1895

I intend to make another trip out here next time I go to my hometown.  It looks on satellite pictures as though someone is again taking an interest in this cemetery and is keeping it up.

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