Abandoned Minnesota-Leaf River Township Farm

I’m making a renewed effort to drive some of the back roads in the area I grew up in central Minnesota to photograph some of the abandoned structures.  I was in the area a few weekends ago and found a place that may require another visit in the future since I was a bit short on time when I stopped at this old farmstead. I’m not going to divulge the exact location, but I had unknowingly driven with 300 yards of this farm multiple times and never knew it was there, or possibly it had been occupied within the last 30 years since I graduated from high school.

Aging gracefully
Aging gracefully

I didn’t explore the house due to time constraints, but the old barn was much more interesting anyway with a blue sky and some wispy clouds as a backdrop.  This is an example of a prairie style barn with a gambrel roof, which is a two-sided (usually symmetrical) roof with 2 slopes on each side.  This particular barn also had a pentice sticking out the front which provided a bit of an overhang and protection for the hayloft.

.Ford 901 Tractor

Here is a picture from the side of the barn showing a Ford 901 Speed Select tractor in the foreground.

The barn from the backHere is a look at the barn from the back side with a small shed tacked on to it.

A tractor mounted, belt driven saw.
A tractor mounted, belt driven saw.

And finally, one of the other interesting things on the property, a large circular saw mounted on an old tractor. You can see the spots on the left side of the image where the belt would attach to drive the saw blade.  It looks like it would do the job of cutting a bunch of firewood for the winter.

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