Abandoned Ottertail County Farmstead

I have driven by this farmstead in Ottertail County numerous times on the way to the lakes to go fishing.  I stopped one day at the farm across the street to ask if they owned it or if knew who did, but there was no one home.  Since it was not marked with no trespassing signs and doesn’t seem to be used for anything other than storage for things that should really be in a landfill, I felt relatively safe walking around. The house was filled with all kinds of junk on the main floor, so I didn’t really spend a lot of time checking out the house.

Chairs upstairs
Chairs upstairs

The outbuildings were much better photo subjects. My favorite shot is the one below of this small red barn with the Aeromotor Windmill. The dismal weather and gray skies add to the mood of the abandonment.


A lot of people of Finnish descent lived in this area, and I think that was the case at this property.  Many people built a sauna near the house and used this “sweat bath” as a way to keep clean, and invigorate themselves after a long day of farming.  My brother lives in this county as well, and both of the properties that he has purchased have had a sauna in one of the outbuildings. The white building in the photo below was the sauna on this property.

Sauna on the left and shed on the right.
Sauna on the left and shed on the right.  

Most of the time, the vehicles left at an old place like this are pieces of junk and are not very valuable. This Studebaker Commander from the 1950’s is in terrible shape, but I think there were still some valuable pieces on it including the circular nosecone on the front and the other chrome pieces.  Someone must have thought the same thing as this vehicle has been moved from this farm and is now probably being restored by someone in California.

Studebaker Commander
A 1950’s Studebaker commander slowing sinking into the ground.
A side view of the 1950’s Studebaker Commander. I like the “facial expressions” on the grills of these old cars. If you are looking to find this one, you are too late, as of my last visit, someone had dragged it out of there and probably sold it for decent money even in it’s dilapidated state.   
Textured Windows
This might have been a hog barn or something for some livestock at one time, it was the largest outbuilding on the farm.

Some of the other buildings had some interesting details as well. I really liked the red door on a corrugated metal shed. There were multiple layers of (probably) leaded barn red paint peeling due to the elements.


There were also the required appliances left behind.  The two washers here fit the bill.


The final pic from this place is one of an old milk/cream can that was partially buried in the ground. It had rusted completely through where it had been in contact with the soil.


Overall, a neat place to check out.  It had most of the stuff I like to shoot, old cars, old buildings and some decent architectural details.

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