Spokane, South Dakota–Black Hills Ghost Town

The ghost town of Spokane, in the Black Hills of South Dakota is a great example of the type of abandoned places that can be found in the American west. Located not far from Custer State Park, the town is accessible just 1/4 mile off Iron Mountain Road. The site is under the jurisdiction of the Forest Service or some other government organization, so it is a great place to check out as it is found on most maps and gazetteers. The mine produced gold, lead, hematite, zinc, graphite and mica. There are a number of old cars in the area and a few old buildings as well. The schoolhouse, the superintendent’s house, a dynamite shed are all accessible. I have seen other buildings shown on another website, but I’m not sure if they are still there or if we failed to explore enough to find them. There is also a grave of someone who was shot over a claim dispute, that we did not come across. We were informed by the owner of the nearby campground that mountain lions frequent the area, so if you visit, keep children and small pets nearby. As ghost towns go, Spokane is great, visit if you get the chance.

The first picture below is of the old schoolhouse, still standing even though most of the siding has been torn off.
The second pic is of the wallpaper in the superintendent’s house.

One of the rusting car frames in the ghost town of Spokane, South Dakota

The thick concrete walls of the dynamite house have withstood the ravages of time in the ghost town of Spokane, South Dakota.