Dark Secret-Abandoned North Dakota

An abandoned school near Shafer, North Dakota

This is another one of the places I would like to know more about. Based on it’s design, I thought it may have once been a school, but I’m not positive. When I have looked at a couple of sources that list some of these old country schools, I didn’t see one in this area. There were windows on the opposite side which would have faced to the South, and a little entryway-vestibule like many schools have, but of course I didn’t take the time to actually walk up to take a look inside since I had my wife and two kids waiting in the car. This one will have to be a mystery to solve at a later date. I just loved how small this place was, standing alone, rather defiantly, I may add, against the ravages of the North Dakota weather. I did learn something suprising after the fact, when I was researching this area. Just down the road from this house is an old jail, which is the only thing that remains of the ghost town of Shafer, North Dakota. Shafer, I learned, was the site of the last lynching in the State of North Dakota. It seems that a transient farmhand murdered the family he was working for and took over the farm, claiming the family had moved west. While he was jailed, a mob showed up, broke him out of jail, and hung him from a nearby bridge. the full story can be found here: http://www.ndcourts.gov/Court/News/Bannon/bannon.htm

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