Parked-Abandoned North Dakota

Abandoned truck in NW North Dakota

North Dakota is an excellent place for rural exploration. One of the great things is that there are very few trees. If there are trees, they have been planted by someone as a shelterbelt against the wind for a field or for a house. As a result, when you explore these little places, you’ll see some traces of human habitation or activity. The wide open prairie of North Dakota also makes anything that is not part of the natural landscape stick out like a sore thumb. That is how I came upon the subject of this image, an old farm truck. I could easily make out a shed in the distance as I was cruising down a gravel road, and when I went to check that out, this great old truck was waiting in the shoulder high grass. This truck has a great patina, and with the sky behind it a cobalt blue, I thought it turned out well.

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