Mint Radio on side table-Abandoned North Dakota

Mint colored AM Radio in the living room of an abandoned house in Stanley, North Dakota.[/Som

Some of the best finds when you are out looking for abandoned stuff to shoot is the stuff you come across completely by accident. One the way to Williston, North Dakota from Minot, I had 8 hours to make a 4 hour trip, so I was taking some time to find some old houses to shoot. Instead of taking the main road out of Stanley, North Dakota, I took a frontage road instead. I came upon an old house with no mailbox (a good sign), no power lines going to it, and no sign of anyone around. I’ll admit walking up to an old house seems a little like breaking and entering, but if it is posted or is locked up, I don’t break in. This house had a broken window with the remains of a curtain fluttering in the breeze, so I took this an invitation to go explore the house. Sometimes these places don’t leave many clues to the lives of the former occupants, but that wasn’t the case here. Road maps from Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming were scattered next to an old opened suitcase. There was a brochure from AA on the floor next to an end table with a mint green AM radio. I love it in these places how many times you find complete chaos in most of the house , and then you find something like this radio sitting in the same spot it probably sat in for years. If you ever had writer’s block and needed some ideas for background stories for some of your characters, you could just walk around a place like this and get some interesting stuff.


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