Mint Door with Grease Cans-Abandoned North Dakota


This image is from a great house I found near Stanley, North Dakota.  Obviously an old bachelor lived here based on how things looked inside and outside the house. Inside, there signs that he just walked away from his life in North Dakota, dishes and coffee in the cupboard, bank calendars on the wall (hung up really high, another sign that a guy lived there) and a box of True Detective magazines in the attic.  I like when an image has some details that I see when I open the image on the computer that I didn’t take into account when I was shooting the image.  I like the subtle mint green on the door along with it’s great texture and ripped screen.  I also like the hinges on the door providing a nice contrast and point of interest, and I think the little detail in the upper left corner of the screen door is really neat.  I’m sure the door came with that detail, as I couldn’t see the old man adding something like this on his own.  Lastly, the grease cans cans add that rusty grungy element as well….I guess it pays to take a look at some of your old “throwaway shots” every once in a while, you may have a hidden gem waiting to be revealed.


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