Zenith COLOR TV-Abandoned North Dakota

Television found in the abandoned school in Brantford, North Dakota

A photographer friend and I went on a ghost town photo expedition to check out some places in North Dakota that I had researched online. One of the places that we checked out was the near ghost town of Brantford, North Dakota, a town in Eddy county established in 1910. There was a least one inhabited dwelling there, but no one answered when we knocked, so we trudged off through the long grass to the abandoned school. There was about 6 inches of standing water in the basement, so we didn’t go down there, but the school still had chalkboards and a couple of benches, and some stuff that people decided to just leave there instead of taking to the landfill. This Zenith Television was sitting on the staircase landing, probably as a result of being rolled down at least one flight of stairs. I wanted to make this look a little more “pop artish” so I added some unrealistic hue and saturation in photoshop and a little vignette around the outside to make it (hopefully) a little more visually interesting.


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