Little Dane Church-St. Onge, South Dakota


One more shot of the Little Dane Church in St. Onge, South Dakota. Supposedly, Danes were buried on one side of the cemetery and Finns on the other…I’m not sure where they put you if you were Swedish or Norwegian.  I did a little desaturation on this one in Photoshop to give it a little bit of an aged feel. I don’t know if I’m super pleased with how I cropped out the headstone on the lower right, but I was more concerned with not having the stone at the top poking into the church.  This church was on the brink of being torn down in 1969 near it’s 80th anniversary, but descendants of the original parishioners banded together to restore it to it’s original (albeit tiny) glory.  The Little Dane Church holds 1 service per year on Memorial Day. It’s nice to see a little bit of history that has been around since 1889, still going on.


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