Little Dane Church-St. Onge, South Dakota

Built in 1889, no longer in use by the 1930’s, falling into disrepair and in danger of being torn down by 1969, The Little Dane Church near St. Onge, South Dakota is still hanging on.  In 1969, as the 80th anniversary of the church approached, the descendants of the parishioners of the church were faced with the choice of tearing down the church, or investing in it, and bringing it back to life.  Fortunately, they chose the latter.  The church was repaired and refurbished, and still holds one service per year on Memorial Day and holds about 60 people.  The cemetery reportedly hasDanes buried on one side and Finns on the other, information I wasn’t aware of at the time of my visit, so I can’t verify that.  I really thought this fence was an interesting feature, so I wanted to take a shot that would show it in a way that showed it in relationship to the church.  It wasn’t a full cast-iron fence, just a metal top nailed to a wooden fence, it kind of fits with the frugality associated with Scandinavians, make it well, but not too extravagant.


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