Lessons Learned-Spokane Schoolhouse-Abandoned South Dakota

This is a pic of the schoolhouse in the Black Hills ghost town of Spokane, South Dakota. Founded in the 1890’s, the mine produced an estimated $20
million in gold, silver, lead, zinc and mica before playing out. There are a few structures still standing including an old shed, the two story superintendent’s house and the dynamite shed. A few old cars litter the site as well as a grave of a man who was shot during a claim dispute. The land is under the State of South Dakota jurisdiction, so it is a much-visited shots. Spokane is still listed on most maps and on google, so it is pretty easy to find if you are interested in ghost
towns and rural exploration. This image was converted to black and white and had some texture added to it in photoshop, the original image
was kind of blah.


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