Home Court Disadvantage-Scenic, South Dakota

Do you know why the Vikings called Greenland, “Greenland” and Iceland, “Iceland”? Because Iceland is really not that bad, and Greenland is not that great, so to fool people into coming to the place that was really the lesser of the two, they named it something that sounded better. That brings me to Scenic, South Dakota. Scenic, unless you call the dry high plains of South Dakota “scenic”, is not aptly named. Stark, Tinder Dry, Barren or Austere might be better names for the place. I found myself here because I wanted to take a picture of the Longhorn Saloon, a place that had been recently sold to a Catholic Sect from the Philippines and nobody is sure what will become of the place. On the way out of town, I came across this forlorn basketball hoop. I wish I could say it was the place where some NBA star had tirelessly worked on his jumpshot, but it wasn’t. It just seemed so lonely out there, standing defiantly as a mark of humanity on the otherwise wild spot.


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