Little Dane Church-St. Onge, South Dakota

Built in 1889 and dedicated in 1893, the Little Dane Church was started by Scandinavian immigrants who settled in Lawrence County South Dakota.  Most of the parishioners were Danish and some were from Finland. The church had ceased to be used as the great depression hit, and had fallen into disrepair by the church’s 80th anniversary in 1969. The church was restored in 1969 and holds one service per year on Memorial Day. People who have ancestors buried in the cemetery are the only people eligible to be buried here and are the only ones who can have a marriage ceremony here. The church is 18 x 28 feet and seats about 60 people.  Online information also stated that the small grave surrounded by the fence in the picture is that of Johanna Anderson who died in 1889 before the church was built. The builders knew where the building and road would be located so they buried Johanna off the corner of the building. This image is pretty much straight out of the camera, I did some minor tweaking to the brightness and contrast, but that is it.  My mother-in-law came across this place when out for a weekend drive.Image


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