St. Onge Stone House–Abandoned South Dakota

I’m fortunate in the fact that my in-laws have chosen to live in some places that are filled with the type of things that I like to shoot. I also like it that it is different from what I see in Minnesota. They have lived in central Montana, they have lived in northwestern North Dakota, and have recently made the move to the northern Black Hills of South Dakota. Sometimes I’m not sure they understand my fascination with old buildings, but I appreciate the fact that they are on the lookout for possible subjects when they are out for a drive. Such is the case with the subject of this post, I have my mother-in-law to thank for finding this great old stone house. St. Onge, South Dakota was named purportedly by French trappers and is one of the oldest communities in the Black Hills. Some cellars in the town have carvings on some of the beams dating back to the 1830’s, some time before Custer and the discovery of gold brought many white prospectors to the area. I don’t have much information on this house, I read an account online that someone thought due to it’s style that it was a Scandinavian barn-house with the lower stone
area used as a barn and the top as the dwelling for the people. It currently provides shelter on occasion to some beef cattle as it is located inside a fenced in area, but when I took a look inside, it looked like it had a wooden floor, so the possible use as a barn may have been it’s original intention, but this isn’t really dairy country, so I’m not sure that makes sense. Plus, there is a front step….cattle don’t need a front step. Anyway, what drew me to this house was the texture of the building and the brilliant blue of the cloudless South Dakota sky. I added a bit of Lomo effect to make it look a little vignetted.


5 thoughts on “St. Onge Stone House–Abandoned South Dakota

    1. The old stone house near St. Onge. SD. The old house served as a post office at one time. My mother lived there as a little girl. If anyone is interested in more details, you may contact me @ allweatherroofingsd @ outlook .com

  1. This house is part of my best friend’s family history: The Furious Family. They even have a brick store just down the Street with the family name on the front. It was built by her great great grandfather Stanislaus Furious and his two sons in 1879 🙂

    1. That Furious building made it on the historic building list. We wish the “Old Stone House” could be added. My Aunt Julia Kinghorn was working toward this goal but has since passed away.

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