Left Hanging


On a winter afternoon, I took a drive and ended up about 1 mile from the farmhouse where mom grew up near Eagle Bend, Minnesota. In a nearby field, there were 2 old farmhouses, side-by-side, sitting empty. This one still had some hints of
mint green paint on the outside, but hadn’t been lived in for at least 25 years. I crunched through the snow across the field and entered the house through the porch. Inside, it looked like the straw bales had been stored at one time as there was a layer of it in the kitchen. There was an old enamel topped table with metal legs sitting next to a wall covered in some fantastic wallpaper, I’ll post a pic of that if I can find it. As I walked into the living room, a pigeon dropped out of the ceiling and flew out the window, surprising me more than a bit. Around the corner, the floor in the next room was gone so I could see right into the basement. That’s when I saw the subject of this photo. An old maroon woolen coat and a woman’s brown skirt circa 1940 were hanging on a hangar against the pale green wall. A slight dusting of snow coated the arm as the coat hung somewhat defiantly I felt, against the winter weather. It always amazes me that there are always things like this in these old houses, something that shouldn’t still be there, and yet, it is still there. How do you clean out the house, but leave something hanging on a hangar in the living room? I think this would be a good place for a creative writer to start a story…give us the reasons, the who and the why that this ended up here….maybe in another blog, the reality of it probably isn’t that exciting, that’s why I want to know………but imagining it it even better.


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