What’s left behind-Abandoned North Dakota

What's left behind

This old barn-shaped house sits just outside of Stanley, North Dakota. The story on this house, from a lady that I stopped and talked to said that this house was owned by an old guy who used to spend his winters down in Arizona, one year he just decided to stay there and walk away from his life in North Dakota. I’m sure the house was filled when he left, but now, it’s filled with the things no one wanted. An old plastic, mint green AM radio sits on a side table. There is a striped recliner that has been chewed by rodents. In the bedroom, there is the dried out body of a cat that has been squished by a mattress. Upstairs there were flannel shirts hanging on a nail and a box of of True Detective magazines. The kitchen which was painted a mint green had a calendar from 1985 and a flyswatter hanging on the wall. There were dishes in the cupboards and old jars of Sanka. These old places are a snapshot in time, it is interesting to me to see what is left behind.


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